This year Deliciously Sorted celebrated 15 years as Ibiza’s No. 1 concierge & events planning company. We have been planning countless parties, weddings, birthdays and bar mitzvahs but behind all these glamorous events there always lies a mastermind. Johanna Carlsson who has been successfully heading the Events Department at Deliciously Sorted for the past 5 years is here to talk about her life’s passion, ascending to the top of the events world, her exciting life and what it’s really like to work this Delicious Job!

How did you become the Head of Events at Deliciously Sorted?

I started working for Deliciously Sorted 6 years ago as an intern one summer. I had just finished studying events in London and I wanted to work in sunny Ibiza as I have studied Spanish all my life. I remember researching quite a few agencies and companies here on the island and the moment I saw Deliciously Sorted’s website, I knew that that was the company I wanted to work for. I was lucky (and probably persistent!) enough to get an interview and a couple of weeks later I flew out to start working for the team here in Ibiza. At the end of the season Serena who is our founder and CEO offered me a full time position as a Junior Event Manager and I’ve worked my way up from there.

What does your typical day involve? Can you take us through your day at work?

Every day is completely different which is why this job is so much fun. During the winter we spend a lot of time in the office, on emails, but we also do regular site visits with our clients and suppliers, going through their upcoming events. We get to be very creative, which is one of my favourite things about what we do – we are very involved in the styling, decoration, and overall look of the events that we organise. During the summer it’s non stop, and never a dull moment! It’s also the time when you get to see all of your hard work come to life, and our client’s dreams come to reality, which is always the most incredible feeling.

Johanna (right) attending the Quintessentially Wedding Atelier in London, November 2015.

How would you describe your style?

I love keeping up with the newest fashions and implementing new trends into our events. Being Scandinavian my personal style is very clean, uncluttered, modern but classic at the same time.

Minutes before the biggest party of the season at Villa Titanium, Ibiza, August 2016.

What has been the favourite moment in your career so far?

Organising the 40th birthday party for Riccardo Tisci who is the designer for Givenchy. It was such an amazing opportunity entrusted to me and an unforgettable party for everyone involved.

You have planned some of the most beautiful and biggest events on this Island, is there any type of event you still want to plan?

I would love to do a really nice charity event which we ourselves would be involved in (I have done charities before for clients), perhaps I will get the opportunity for this in 2017!

What is the most eccentric request you’ve dealt with so far?

We have had so many quirky requests and our unwritten policy is very much ‘never say no’, however a couple of years ago a client did ask us for a dancing bear for their birthday party – that’s one of the few times we did actually say no.

Setting up for a yacht party in Marina Botafoch, July 2016.

Can you give 5 tips for throwing a successful party?

  1. Overestimate the drinks you’ll need – you do not want to run out of anything!
  2. Try to find a central theme or colour scheme as this will help you pull everything together seamlessly.
  3. Don’t neglect the boring stuff – cleaners, security guards, drivers are perhaps the most important people at an event, even though you don’t see them.
  4. Throw in a surprise or two – it doesn’t have to be something huge, but just to keep your guests on their toes!
  5. Remember to have fun! All of your friends and family are there to spend the night with you, so don’t get to carried away with the details, try to relax, and enjoy the party.

What advice would you give to a couple that is planning their 2017 nuptials in Ibiza?

Ibiza is an amazing place for weddings, there are some venues here on the island which are absolutely stunning that not everyone knows about – so be sure to do your research and come out and visit us in the off season to view the locations in person, it’s always very different than seeing them in photos. We always recommend to arrange an event the day before and/or the day after your wedding as well – it’s such a nice way to bond with your guests! As all of your friends and family are flying out to share this beautiful day with you both it’s always a great idea to make sure they are looked after the day before and after. A boat trip to Formentera, a relaxing dinner or drink reception at a garden restaurant, a hangover BBQ at your villa, or maybe a paella at a local beach side venue – there are so many ways of giving your wedding weekend that extra touch.

Are there any new trends or ideas in the event planning industry you are loving right now?

I really love the new boho luxurious look, which is a bit more chic than the shabby, white washed look, it just has a touch of sophistication while still really relaxed, wild and romantic. I’m obsessed with rose gold and blush (favourite all time colour), so anything with a touch of rose will definitely win me over straight away!

What are 3 things you can’t live without?

  1. My phone/laptop/iPad – I’m such a techie nerd and I love finding out about new apps, softwares, organisational tools that can make us more efficient in our daily lives.
  2. My passport – I consider myself so lucky to be able to travel as much as I do in the winter time, both for work and privately. I think it is the best way to grow as a person and learn more about the world that we live in.
  3. My favourite necklace – my grandfather left his wedding ring to me which was turned into a necklace designed by my mom, I wear it every day and it is one of my most cherished possessions.
Catching up on emails after a successful Sunday brunch in Porroig, Ibiza, July 2016.

How do you spend your time when not working?

I love to cook, even though I’m not very good at it! I like working out and exercising, going running, doing yoga and pilates. Having grown up in Sweden I love nature and exploring new places and sites wherever I go, whether it´s by hiking, biking, boating, driving or horseback riding. And of course spending some time in the sun on a remote beach somewhere!

Horseback riding in Menorca, October 2015.
On safari in the Serengeti, January 2016.

What are the important characteristics of a successful event planner?

Having your head on your shoulders, staying calm in stressful situations, thinking outside the box, being creative, being a team player and a leader. I think that the team is essential to every event and I consider myself very fortunate to have such a great team working with me. This includes the entire DS family, and that is exactly what we are – a family, which consists of some truly amazing people. And also our suppliers, who I have had the pleasure of working with for years now, and most of them I consider close friends. I don’t think I could emphasise enough how important it is to have a great team behind you on every event. 

Do you have any advice for someone looking to get started in event planning industry?

Don’t be afraid to do anything and everything, everyone has to start somewhere – don’t give up just because the beginning might be tough.

Enjoying some time off in Formentera, October 2016.

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