Wedding Interview

Wedding Interview with Trine Jesperson

“When we decided to have our wedding in Ibiza, it was with great expectations and a lot of dreams and ideas – what we didn’t expect was for the reality to exceed our dreams.”

Trine and Peter got married at a hilltop villa Las Nubes in San Carlos in June 2011. They decided to turn their wedding into a long weekend with several different events taking place so they could spend this special time with their families and friends.

Thoughtful gifts had been designed by Deliciously Sorted such as monogrammed towels and cooling fans as practical presents as well as a memento that the friends and family could take away.

Once all of their guests had arrived they enjoyed a barbeque pool party on the Friday during the day with a DJ playing world music, games in the pool and a traditional Italian Ice Cream trolley serving sorbets and ice creams.

An Asian fusion dinner followed on Friday night, with low tables and sofas, purple orchids in glass vases, and our favourite funk DJ setting the mood as sushi and tempura prawns were being served before a Nobu style menu was served.

Saturday started with their wedding ceremony performed by one of our spiritual celebrants. A champagne fountain was placed in one of the several chill-out areas of the villa and Gosset Gran Reserve was served along with some of the finest canapés on the island at their reception.

The bride and groom and their guests sat down for dinner around the lit up pool and savoured their six-course dinner as the sun was setting. After dinner the party started and continued until the early morning hours.

Sunday was a chill out day, with a hangover buffet being enjoyed by the guests while a Jazz Trio played classics by the pool.

Here are Trine and Peter’s own thoughts on their wedding weekend:

Q: Why did you choose to use Deliciously Sorted as your wedding planner?

A: As we live in London, we knew we needed ‘on island help’ and expertise to pull off our three day wedding weekend in Ibiza, therefore we turned to Serena and Deliciously Sorted. To plan a wedding is a really personal matter, something you want to be special and unforgettable. From the beginning we felt that Serena and her team truly got that and did everything they could to make our dream happen.

Q: What do you think about the Deliciously Sorted team?

A: What makes the DS team so unique is that you feel in safe hands in every aspect of the planning process and during the actual wedding. The greatest thing was that we were able to just lean back, relax and enjoy our wedding day and rely on Serena to take care of all contingencies and she did so in the most discreet and admirable way. Also what we love about Serena and her team is that they represent the essence of Ibiza. They are all very cool, sweet and laid back and therefore not only has the wedding, but also the planning of the wedding been a fantastic experience without any stress involved.


Q: Did you find it helpful that Deliciously Sorted arranged all the accommodation for your guests?

Yes, Ceri the hotel expert from Deliciously Sorted helped us find hotels for our guests for any budget in the surrounding area. Her contact details were printed on our Save the Date so that guests could get in touch well in advance to book this. It also meant that our guests weren’t embarrassed to tell us if they didn’t have a big budget.

Q: How helpful was Deliciously Sorted’s Concierge 24/7 service?

Extremely helpful! For example, our best man left his car at Aura the night before the wedding, and when he woke up he forgot he had to drive his wife to the hairdresser! The DS office therefore organised a driver for them, and someone to go pick up the rental car.

Q: How effective do you feel DS was in sourcing you the highest quality equipment on the island?

We were so happy with the production of the whole weekend. The DJ setups and lighting were perfect and exactly what we wanted during the pool parties, dinners and wedding party. DS also managed to find us a projection screen last minute, something that we had completely forgotten we needed!

Q: In your initial brief you both stated that you wanted a spiritual yet traditional ceremony, what did you think of your celebrant Aardha?

Aardha was perfect. We were a bit nervous since we did not want a church wedding but at the same time we wanted a fairly traditional ceremony. Aardha really listened to how we wanted the feeling of the ceremony to be. We felt that we were in the hands of a wise man and his blessing suited us perfectly.

Q: Did you choose to have your wedding at a villa because you were a relatively small group?

Yes definitely! We had our families stay with us at the villa and our guests staying at hotels near by. It created such a nice atmosphere and it was so nice for us to have our loved ones share this time with us. The villa truly became our own little private hideaway!

Q: Did you find the DS team flexible and cooperative?

Absolutely! The DS team were so helpful the whole time leading up to the wedding and during the weekend itself! They really made all of our wishes come true, even the smallest ones, such as keeping the wedding party going from 3 am, when we were suppose to stop, to 5 am in the morning!

Q: Was it helpful that there was always a DS team member around during the weekend?

Yes, definitely. We couldn’t have managed without them. When you’re in a foreign country, and specially an island like Ibiza, you really need help from those who know the place, whether it is organising transport or pizza for 60 on a Sunday afternoon!

Q: Did you like DS’ ideas of personalized towels and fans?

Yes, loved it! It were the little details that made our wedding so unique, and it was so nice for our guests to be able to bring these things with them back home as memories.

Q: As a fashion designer, decoration and style is very important to you, what were your feelings about the florist, did it live up to your expectations?

Absolutely, the flowers were just what we wanted, and the creativity of the florist really overcame our expectations.

Q: Nearly a year later, what are your lasting memories from your wedding weekend organised by Deliciously Sorted?

Just being able to spend the whole weekend with our closest friends and family, having everything exactly as we wanted, being able to entertain and enjoy without having to worry about any of the details. Deliciously Sorted took such good care of our guests and us and made our dream wedding come true.