We love the whole concept of picnics: nature, sun, good company & a feast, but then again what’s not to love? For us, the ideal picnic is choosing a fantastic location, inviting a good group of people, and most importantly being accompanied by some great food & drink.

Any day in Mallorca is a perfect opportunity to step outside and enjoy a bit of food in the sunshine, but the reason picnics don’t take place as often as they should, is the need for preparation, but that is where we can step in, with us and our amazing chefs by your side, the only thing you will have to take care of is turning up and bringing your sunglasses. Our amazing chefs can prepare anything from a variety of spanish tapas, to a gourmet raw picnic with some yummy juices.

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So here is how we can make a simple picnic trip, a day to remember:

Option 1) A beach setting.

One of our favourite ways to picnic as the setting is so beautiful, the only extras you really need are a few cushions, some fresh flowers, an umbrella & of course some really great food and wine. The sound of softly crashing waves, gently blowing wind, and the feel of soft sand beneath you, ensure a very special atmosphere for romance.

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Option 2) A more rustic setting

If you are looking for somewhere a bit more intimate, let us find you your own little private place. Picture this: an afternoon picnic, it’s warm outside and you can sit back in the shade and enjoy that Mallorcan breeze with some fresh lemonade.

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Option 3) On top of the world

A roof-top picnic, somewhere really special to enjoy some good food & even better views, surrounded by fresh flowers, décor elements & al fresco food. A perfect way to spoil your loved one while admiring Mallorca and some of it’s beauty.

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Option 4) The classic way

Allow one of our beautiful classic cars to whisk you away, to find an extra special spot, by the sea. Linger over a book, enjoy the food & watch the timeless, ever-changing view.

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Option 5) Under the stars

Really get to know those warm spanish nights, with only a tent separating you from the sky, and a few candles to lighten the mood, it’s more than just a picnic, it’s a memorable experience.


If you want us to arrange any of these options for you contact us on info@deliciouslysortedmallorca.com or give us a call on +971 702 749