Now people are no strangers to pairing wine with food and they are certainly no strangers to a delicious pre-dinner cocktail but one pairing we do not give enough attention to is that of cocktails with food!

pairing 7

This new couple are becoming more prevalent at events and matching a cocktail with each course is even rising to be the focal point to an entire evening. Now why are we so excited about this new dining experience?

pairing 1

Well firstly it is combing our two favourite loves here at Deliciously Sorted Events, food and cocktails. We have always had a sneaky suspicion that these two went perfectly together and having spoken to some of the best on island mixologists we have found our back up. “With cocktails you have much more freedom with the ingredients so logically of course you can create a drink that matches perfectly with whatever dish is being served. Cocktails are endlessly versatile so this should not come as a surprise”….so there you have it, straight from the source!

pairing 2

We are extremely excited to start bringing this to our events and have been doing some research to look at great ways of incorporating this new trend into your party!

Starting with the canapés – We love this idea of matching mini shot sized cocktails with canapés. It looks great on display and definitely adds a bit of excitement to the beginning of the party!

pairing 4Mini Jack Daniels and coke with chicken burritos

pairing 3

Mini margaritas with spicy tacos

On to the main – for this we would like to introduce you to the experts. A new dining experience has come to Ibiza and we have a feeling it is going to kick off for 2016. We are very excited to be working with the Drinksmith who specialise in dinner parties matching cocktails and food. The London based mixologists and michelin star trained chef work together to create a bespoke menu for each client and talk you through each pairing as they go. The mixologists also offer cocktail making classes so you can recreate these amazing drinks yourself!

Check out their Facebook page for more photos and info of what they can offer Drinksmith Ibiza

pairing 11

pairing 8

pairing 12

To finish off – Of course the obvious to end this cocktail dining experience would be with a refreshing and creamy espresso martini but the point of this experience is to try new things. We love the idea of a dessert and cocktail platter in the middle of the table where people can pick and chose and mix and match their cocktails. Or alternatively (for fear of guests enjoying a few too many cocktails throughout the evening) offering a refreshing and fruity cocktail with a light dessert.

pairing 10

pairing 6

We hope you are now feeling inspired….

For any enquiries and bookings please contact and we would be delighted to help start discussing your very own event!

Until next time xx