You know what they say: diamonds are forever. Why? Well, diamonds happen to be one of the toughest known substances on Earth, meaning they are seemingly unbreakable. It’s no surprise then, that people have attached this meaning to symbolise an unbreakable commitment in the form of an engagement ring. But not every ring is the same, and not every ring carries the same meaning. If you were wondering what meanings your engagement ring carries, look no further!

Round Cut

A timeless classic. A round cut diamond is perfect for the bride who wants to be sure her ring never goes out of style—and it’s easy to see why. Round cut diamonds were designed by Marcel Tolkowsky, a diamond cutter and engineer who devised a mathematical formula for producing diamonds with the maximum sparkle and the finest brilliance. Wearing one of these around is an eye-catching way to show you’re a traditional bride, right down to an A-line silhouette and the cake-cutting ceremony.

Cushion or Pillow Cut

The cushion or pillow cut diamond has gained popularity as of late—worn by the likes of Kim Kardashian, Ashley Tisdale, Kelly Rowland, and other notable celebrities—however, this particular cut has been around for quite some time. Once known as the “mine cut,” the cut has undergone several iterations, seeing more facets added each time. Today, the cut shines brighter than ever, with the option of adding an extra row of facets or half-moon facets to give the gem a more contemporary look. Whether you’re looking for something traditional or seeking your own trendy twist, this diamond will never fall short of revealing your love for glamour and the finer things in life.

Emerald Cut

Like the cushion cut, the emerald cut diamond is experiencing a resurgence in popularity despite being one of the oldest diamond shapes, with origins dating back to the 1500s. This type of cut caught on amongst diamond cutters as it reduced the pressure during the cutting process,  making it less prone to chips in the gem. The resulting cut—while less brilliant than others—embodies a sleek and simple elegance, highlighted by its layered corners. With all of the qualities, the cut alludes to a humble bride, who knows her love can withstand the test of time.

Princess Cut

An engagement ring is a significant contributor to adding up wedding expenses. According to a recent study by Chime, a company known for their mobile banking services, over 70 percent of Millennials are in debt. This can make affording a spectacular engagement ring seem like somewhat of a fantasy. However, the princess cut utilises up to 80% of the rough stone, which helps to reduce the price of the ring overall. For any couple that wants to convey their confidence and pragmatism through the breathtaking brilliance and the same quality look as a round cut diamond, the princess cut is the perfect alternative.

Heart Cut

The heart-shaped diamond enjoys a royal and illustrious lineage, and have served as a token of love, goodwill, and kinship for centuries. This gem requires a particularly skilled diamond cutter, as even the slightest error could ruin the shape, shine, or symmetry of the diamond. As such, it remains one of the most expensive cuts, but a worthy investment all the same. The heart cut is for the true romantic—one who’s not afraid to be bold, passionate, and ready to take on the spotlight.