So this time of the year has come again “San Juan” a celebration held on the beach, surrounded by friends and loved ones, with candles, drink, food and bonfires, a night that welcomes the summer season . Spain is known for their love of festivals, any excuse for a get together on the beach and today is not an exception.









A superstitious night of fire and water, fire purifies and water recuperates, refreshes and rejuvenates. Getting in the sea at midnight is a tradition, a way to wash away evil spirits, if you want to have luck for the next 12 months we suggest:

1- Jumping over a bonfire.
san juan









2-Burning a piece of paper with your lovers name on it.









3-Burning something old and personal to leave behind bad spirits from the past and start from scratch.

Books burning in fire

4-Swimming in the ocean after midnight washes away all the evil spirits and the water becomes healing.








What’s happening in Mallorca?

In Deia & Son Servera festivities go on from the 16th of June to the 1st of July with competitions, music and theatre as well as a mass on Sunday Evening & fire processions on the 24th of June.

In Palma they are celebrating the “nit de foc” with street parties, bonfires, fireworks, pop concerts, devils & demons and the famous  fire run, where the ‘devils’ run through the streets with firecrackers and fireworks. On Palma beach join “Europa Fm Mallorca radio station” who will be adding to the celebrations.

Barracuda beach bar magalluf:











& if you fancy having a quiet one get yourself down to your local beach and welcome the summer season with open arms, we’ll definitely be there!!