Spring is just round the corner and with more flights being made available from March, now it’s the perfect time to have a cheeky long weekend in Mallorca. Here’s why:

1.The weather is just simply perfect

Why stay in grey and rainy Britain when you can spend a gorgeous weekend catching some rays on the beach? The water may be a little cold but it is definitely warm enough for some sunbathing!

2.It’s the perfect time to go for a hike

The summer months are way to hot to go out for a hike in the mountains, so now it’s the perfect time to do it with nature springing back to life after the winter. Go ahead and discover some of Mallorca’s most hidden gems accompanied by one of our expert guides.


3.You will find great hotel deals

Most hotels open up in March and as the season is just starting, a lot of hotels offer some great deals. Let us help you discover some hidden gems!

4.Did anyone say wine?

Wine, a sunset and a beautiful finca…This is the perfect setting to complete your romantic getaway in Mallorca. Enjoy a private wine tasting with your other half in a charming Mallorquin bodega. And to complete the experience, let one of our drivers take you there and collect you so that neither of you have to worry about driving!



Semana Santa is an other worldly experience and everyone should experience it at least once! Go for a different Easter experience this year and immerse yourself in the spirituality and history of Easter in Spain.


6.There is lots to do in Palma

Palma is a really cool city, however, exploring its streets in the intense July and August heat can be tough. Spring is a great time to visit as you won’t feel you are walking inside a sauna and its streets won’t be crowded with tourists. You will also get to try out all the new places that have opened during the winter before anyone does AND you will get to buy gorgeous new summer clothes that you won’t be able to find at home!


For further information on how we can help you plan your spring mini break get in touch with us on info@deliciouslysortedmallorca.com or call us on +34 971 702 749.