We know weddings can be very stressful & that many of you soon to be brides will be worrying right this second, but we found something that might help you, an article where brides give tips to future brides to advise you, from experience, of what to do and what not to do….

1– Take Your Time

2– Be Present In Each Moment

3– Have Faith That All Of Your Efforts Will Be Worth It

4– Try Not To Stress (Even When It Seems Impossible)

5– Share Something Personal And Unique With Your Guests

7– Prioritise, Prioritise, Prioritise

8Accept That You Can’t Please Everyone

9Kiss Your Husband As Many Times As You Can

10– Take One Thing At A Time

11– Take Time To Enjoy Each Other’s Company

12– Remind Yourself What’s Truly Important

3– Consider The Environment When Planning Your Wedding

14Don’t Get Caught Up In “Perfection”

15– Don’t Sweat The Little Things

16Enjoy Every Step

17– Keep The Big Picture In Mind

18Celebrate Your Love (And Let Others Share Your Joy, Too)

19– Make Wedding Appointments Fun

20– Let Your Creativity Flow

21– Keep It Simple

22Finish Your To-Do List Early

23Don’t Get Too Caught Up In The Details

24Stop To Take It All In During The Ceremony

25– And Most Of All Remember Why You’re There.