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A hotel for Kimye, a dinner for Oprah … When the big stars come to Ibiza, one person is on speed dia

Meet Serena Cook, a.k.a the personal party planner of the stars. With her company Deliciously Sorted she arranges everything for all the big names that come to Balearic Islands, and especially Ibiza. Private chef for a healthy meal and a personal trainer to get in shape? She can arrange. Dinner cooked at the hotspot restaurant normally booked a month in advance? She´ll get that table. Last minute tickets for the sold out party of the year? Serena can get you in. Want to give your own party, with a star studded guest list? No problem.

For 18 years, Serena ensures that big names, demanding visitors and rich guests do not fail when staying on the popular island. She knows the places to be, and the places you should not be, the people you need to know, the hidden gems …

She started working in Ibiza due to a big name: Jade Jagger. Friend with the then boyfriend of the designer, the model and daughter of Mick, Serena joined her for summer of 2002, as Serena had closed her organic café in London. Although now superpopular, she was too ahead of its time with her bio food. Jade, however, saw the worth in her food and asked her to cook her for her holiday homes in Ibiza. As Serena had already visited the island three times all the clients asked for her favourite hotspots, or enlisted her organizational skills. So much so that Serena came up with the idea of a concierge service for the middle and high end clients who were beginning to discover Ibiza.

Nowadays these kinds of services are common place in Ibiza, but at that time it was new. “People then needed reassuring voice at the end of the telephone”, says Serena from Ibiza. “The island is so popular now that it´s more about getting people inside, or organizing exclusive events. In the beginning, however, people were still looking for the right places to eat, dance and sleep.”

Her reputation soon spread like wild fire. With Jade as a reference, the customer base soon filled with the necessary celebrities. She sums up: Mick Jagger, Kim and Kanye, Paris Hilton, Paul McCartney, Johnny Depp, Hugh Grant, Lady Gaga … She is therefore full of the most beautiful anecdotes.

Like the time Givenchy´s Riccardi Tisci gave a party and turned to her for the organization. “He wanted a Spanish theme, we rented a location that had never been rented before. The guests were greeted with horses, there were large scales paella …” Madonna dancing, Jared Leto and oh yes, Kanye West was in the dj-booth. Did she herself have a dance with the stars? “I love dancing, but in such a moment I walk around with a walkie to make sure everything goes well. This was one of the most glamorous parties I´ve ever organized, with the biggest guest list. You must keep your head because you do not want anything wrong.”

For Kim and Kanye she arranged for that party their hotel, driver and security. “They were so nice! Mother Kris was there too and what struck me was how sweet and lovely she was, Kanye too. I had met him before, 10 years ago at a party of Jade. He was fun and upbeat.” That´s what Ibiza does to people, she finds: “There´s such an incredibly beautiful mix of people. Everyone is so happy to be here, you really see the best of everyone. That also makes my work so fun. It´s hard work, but the island brings out the best in everyone.”

Another good story: one day there was a large group off shore, travelling the Balearic Islands by boat. Could Serena get a table at Blue Marlin last minute? That was the place to be at that time, and also on Sunday evening, it is always packed, no problem for Serena! I even got to sit with them next to Oprah Winfrey. “She´s supernice! She laughed all the time. She was sitting, but enjoyed the music and danced from her chair. We couldn´t talk that much, the music was loud, but it was great fun!”

Every day I am grateful that my job is arranging a hotel for Kimye, a table for Oprah, partying with Paris Hilton … “Many people regularly return which builds a bond. You will get to know them and know exactly what they want and do not want. George Clooney wanted a dinner in an un paparazzi place. Paris just wanted to go to a place where she was seen. In the meanwhile, she can also count some of her customers into her circle of friends. Calvin Klein, for example, and Mark Ronson. Next week she will go to Venice for the opening of Damien Hirst´s newest exhibition, also a customer of hers.

A glamorous job indeed!