Meet the Team

Serena Cook Serena Cook Rollover Image
Founder and CEO
Serena Cook
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Serena Cook – founder of Deliciously Sorted, the queen bee of fixers, consummate professional and all round island expert! Fluent in: English and Spanish
Pascal Azoulay Pascal Azoulay  Rollover Image
Director and Partner
Pascal Azoulay
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Be escorted around the island by our suave sophisticated island expert – Pascal Azoulay. Fluent in: English, Spanish, French and Italian
Maya Dupont Maya Dupont Rollover Image
Head of Concierge
Maya Dupont
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All-round Ibiza native and island expert, Maya was raised on the island from a young age. Coming from both Dutch and Japanese heritage, she is a multicultural island dweller who always keeps her ears low to the ground and eyes peeled for the latest hotspots. It’s only natural for her to join the Deliciously Sorted concierge team and share her knowledge. Heading the concierge & hotel department she is the ¨go to¨ person for all things Ibiza. Fluent in English, Spanish, Dutch, and Japanese.
Natalie Forman Natalie Forman Rollover Image
Health, Beauty and Wellness
Natalie Forman
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Born and bred in Ibiza, Natalie pairs her intimate knowledge of the island with her background as a Luxury Travel and Concierge Expert in the UK to help organise your dream trip to the White Isle. As well as concierge packages, she is your first point of contact for booking your yoga teachers, massages, beauty treatments and everything you need to stay gorgeous. Fluent in: English, Spanish, Catalan, French and Portuguese
Tracey Lee Thompson Tracey Lee Thompson Rollover Image
Chefs and Staff
Tracey Lee Thompson
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Tracey has seen the rise to Ibiza’s chic status of today, after over 20 years experience initially in the organisation of photographic productions in Ibiza and in Formentera. Homely and personable, she is dedicated to detail and order, so will aspire to make sure your villa stay is surrounded by the best chefs and staff services available. Speaks fluent English & German.
Rosie Beckford Rosie Beckford  Rollover Image
Concierge Executive
Rosie Beckford
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Fresh out of University in England, Rosie is excited to join the professional working atmosphere of Deliciously Sorted. When out of office, you can find her exploring a new corner of the island. Fluent in: English, Spanish and French
Isabela Szuturma Isabela Szuturma Rollover Image
Nightlife Manager
Isabela Szuturma
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Isabela moved to London just after finishing her University degree in law and fell in love with nightlife culture! Not only in London but also Marbella and finally Ibiza. After 10 years in Ibiza, she is a hospitality professional and nightlife expert who will take you around Ibiza nightclubs. Fluent in Polish, English and Spanish.
Laura Emmerson Laura Emmerson Rollover Image
Head of Villas
Laura Emmerson
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Long-time lover of Ibiza and island resident, Laura's passion for the Balearics makes her perfectly placed to advise you on finding your dream holiday villa. Fluent in English and Spanish.
Andrea Saenz Andrea Saenz  Rollover Image
Villa Consultant
Andrea Saenz
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Andrea from Spain’s famous wine region, La Rioja, has been working on the island enough to get to know all the secret spots and tips. She has a background in the hospitality industry in Dubai, London and Ibiza so whatever you have planned for your vacation she can make it happen, that's for sure!
Maria Neagoe Maria Neagoe Rollover Image
Senior Event Producer
Maria Neagoe
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Bubbly and energetic, Romanian native Maria considers Ibiza her second home and has been organising fabulous events on Ibiza for nearly a decade now! Fluent in: English, Spanish and Romanian.
Jilly Clark Jilly Clark Rollover Image
Events Producer
Jilly Clark
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Jilly has been producing events across the globe for the last 11 years; from weddings to festivals and from award ceremonies to powerlifting competitions. Originally from Yorkshire, she fell in love with the island and lifestyle here during her many trips and winters, exploring all it has to offer. Fluent in: English
Alicia Costa Alicia Costa Rollover Image
Finance & HR
Alicia Costa
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Amazingly efficient Alicia has been a pivotal member of our team. As well as looking after our finances she takes care of all the bureaucracy needed for the Deliciously Sorted mother ship! Fluent in: Spanish and Catalan
Amaya Lobillo Amaya Lobillo Rollover Image
Finance & HR
Amaya Lobillo
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Our accounts assistant has been with us since her son Bruno was born in 2018. She was born in Seville but moved to the island at an early age. She considers herself a lover of homemade food and the beautiful beaches of Ibiza!
Lilli Ziegler Lilli Ziegler  Rollover Image
Concierge Assistant
Lilli Ziegler
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Growing up in Germany, Lilli's passion for travelling and her studies in Spanish, intercultural communication and marketing led her to the island and directly to Deliciously Sorted. Here she supports the team as an intern in the concierge department with a focus on childcare so that all families can enjoy an amazing holiday with their loved ones.
Elsie Mae Elsie Mae Rollover Image
Conceirge Assistant
Elsie Mae
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Having grown up in Ibiza and residing in London, Elsie gained a wealth of different experiences from both city and island cultures. After completing her studies and working within the hospitality and events industry, the opportunity at Deliciously Sorted was the perfect match. Being trilingual, speaking fluent English, Spanish and Catalan, Elsie uses her esteemed island knowledge with her determined and sociable attributes to help organise your fabulous and dream stay.
Maisie Prior Maisie Prior Rollover Image
Maisie Prior
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After having worked in the office at Deliciously Sorted Maisie has returned to the UK but continues to be our copy writer. She is the Deliciously Sorted voice.