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The Party Starter | Serena Cook

Company name Deliciously Sorted Ibiza Who is she? Forty- three-year-old foodie Cook first encountered the ‘beauty and magical bohemian vibe’ of Ibiza after hers and Sheherazade Goldsmith’s ‘before its time’ organic café, Deli Organic in Battersea, closed. She upped sticks and went to work as personal chef to Jade Jagger on the island, and quickly got a reputation for not only knowing the coolest, under the radar spots, but being able to get pals in too. ‘At the time Ibiza was more of a rough diamond, so as well as making recommenda tions and reserva- tions, I was also a reassuring voice.’ Who are her clients? Johnny Depp, Hugh Grant, Kim and Kanye, Kate Moss and every other beautiful, demanding, fashionista hedonist who wants sun, rosé on tap and personal- ised vibes. Anyone looking for a luxed-out, chilled-out, five-star holiday that can cater both to the needs of their totes adorbs kids and their own, devious, inner wild child.

Incredible feats? Getting you into the hottest restaurants (El Chiringuito, Peyotito) and club nights (Cathy Guetta and Black Coffee at Hï Ibiza), securing the most elite music for a private party (clients will happily splash out six-figure sums for their favourite DJ). Cook can also sort out the transport, from anywhere, of literally anything you need: from a birthday cake shaped like a Hermès Birkin bag brought in on a private jet from London, to an extreme feat of flower power (‘when we had exhausted the island’s supply of white roses, a particular client got us to charter a plane to fly to Barcelona on a Sunday to pick up more’). She was also unflappable when a bride decided 24 hours before the big day that she just had to have live monarch butterflies released at the end of their ceremony — ‘you can’t get these in Ibiza and they were sold out on the Spanish mainland.

In the end we sourced them from Portugal.’

Price From €500 a week; one-off services start at €50.

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