Mallorca may not be the most festive destination but you will definitely have a unique holiday if you decide to visit us over the Christmas holidays .


Mallorcan food is delicious all year round and it’s even more delicious at Christmas. Enjoy the traditional suckling pig on Christmas Day followed by turrón, a Spanish festive sweet originally made of almonds, but nowadays available in many different flavours.


The Roscón de Reyes is a traditional cake eaten on 6th January, Three Kings Day. The cake includes a surprise as there is always a bean and a small figurine of a king hidden in the cake. Whoever gets the king is the king of the party and whoever gets the bean has to pay for the cake!


Nativity scenes

Nativity scenes are one of the key elements of Christmas decorations in Spain, due to the country’s Catholic roots. Nativity scenes are present in almost every household and are very varied in size. The most adventurous go all out and have Belenes that include the whole village of Bethlehem, with all kinds of funny characters. Don’t forget to visit the public Belenes displayed in many churches in Palma during the holidays. The arrangements are truly spectacular are very detailed and promise not to disappoint.

Belén de los Oficios Artesanos / Ajuntament de Palma

Christmas markets

Everyone loves Christmas markets and the Spanish are no different. Check out the lovely stalls at Plaza España, Plaza Mayor and La Rambla for some gift ideas. If just one market is not enough, Pueblo Español is holding a Christmas market 5th-8th December. If you fancy going a little further afield visit the Portals Christmas market 12th-5th January or the market in Lluc Monastery the weekends on 12th, 13th, 20th and 21st December.


Ice rink

We may not have any snow, but that does not mean we cannot have any fun on ice! Visit the ice rink at Parc de les Estacions, opposite Plaza España from 21st November till 25th January.

ice rink

The Sibil·la song

The traditional Midnight Mass is even more traditional on the island. The song of the Sibil·la is a song that dates all the way back to medieval times and is only sung on Christmas Eve. The lyrics are actually a prophecy describing the Apocalypse. Though the topic may not be traditionally festive, it is a truly special experience to listen to a live performance.


The Three Kings

Father Christmas is only a recent cultural import in Spain, as traditionally the Three Kings were the ones to provide the presents every Christmas. For the last twenty years or so, Santa Claus has become increasingly popular and nowadays they all share Christmas gift duties in most Spanish households. This means we all get two Christmas, as Saint Nick always pays a visit on Christmas Eve and the Three Kings always come on the night of 5th January. Don’t miss the parades in the evening of the 5th, the kids will love them!


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