Love is in the air this season in Ibiza….

Here are some decoration ideas to make your special day the most beautiful and unforgettable day of your life. Be ready to travel through our most popular theme suggestions for your big day!

First stop: Romantic Vintage

294b2197766fbd747a03ff0408b0b0e1Using big antique candelabras, chandeliers and lots of candles will give a romantic and elegant style to your wedding.

5d01c6f446112b038e773054e07974b5Pastel flowers mixed with vintage finished candle holders for your centerpieces will definitely give a romantic atmosphere to your tables. Don’t forget to use vintage glassware, crockery and cutlery for your table as well!

69a952643b7b27356b3610efcd15dbb0One thing that will absolutely help to have the romantic vintage theme for your wedding is the wedding cake. Do not forget this part of the night since it is one that will give all of your guests the sweetest memory of your wedding day!

Second stop: Shabby Chic

2dd3c8541a94e8c1236b702e1ddc71d5 Using natural wood mixed with simple but elegant tableware will create the shabby chic look you want to have for your special day. Long tables are also a wonderful idea to use at your wedding, they will create a closer and cosy atmosphere for you to enjoy this special moment with your guests.

c9b85f3332a1cab2fbfb569189e9067fOld pots and jars filled with flowers are an excellent idea to use as center pieces!

f6b95d261ac6eb7856e1933345f8c663Candles are very important when creating a mood for your wedding. They will definitely give that shabby chic atmosphere we are looking for.

And because we like to keep the best til the end here we are going to show you some ideas for your midsummer nights dream wedding!

Third stop: Midsummer Nights Dream

248cea83878373ae2132ebf268fd6801 b5a87f93b921618bbbb9901dee1a564fWhat more romantic than getting married under a tree lit up in fairylights? 33d01f1f04e9e0b95a2beb7d192fae28Long tables with colorful flowers as center pieces, hanging tea lights from an olive canopy, simple but elegant tableware are the trend for your midsummer nights dream wedding!

4be59ad008eb7db9e530403eb17d770dWhat about having hanging candles above your wedding cake to give a funny and different twist to the way you serve desserts…

bfd3997660cbf8fb0edfa7fc1047615cFinally one of the most important things….The bouquet!

We love mixing and matching different flowers in our bridal bouquets, for the Midsummer Nights Dream theme, this works really well! Make it wild or colourful, more elegant and soft, teardrop or round, all of these will make your bouquet stand out on your big day.