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"Want a drum kit on your yacht within the hour? Sushi for 18 at midnight? A jet to Disney world at 4am: Deliciously Sorted"
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Ideas and Inspiration

Inspire Me: Looking for something unique or unforgettable?

Over the years at Deliciously Sorted we have had some highly unusual requests from our clients - from the completely outrageous to the everyday and mundane. We like to think that this invaluable experience helps us to provide an inexhaustible range of services, insider knowledge and invaluable contacts.

So if you are looking for something unique or unforgettable and need some inspiration please select one of the categories on the left to view some alternative ideas for your holiday.

Alternatively contact us using our online enquiry form or pick up the phone and speak to one of our multilingual team direct on +34 971 197 867 and let us know how we can help you create your ultimate Balearic island experience.

And remember no request is too ordinary or too extraordinary!


Movie Star Travel

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Avoid the hassle of commercial airports and fly from private terminals at both London and Ibiza airport. Straight from the board room to your VIP table on a Friday night.

Or why not join our exclusive community of travelers and take advantage of personalized service, convenient private terminals and other VIP benefits from our members-only air travel collaborator – Surfair. Please ask us for more details.

This is the only way to travel!

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