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Inspíreme: ¿Busca algo único o inolvidable?

Durante los años en Deliciously Sorted hemos tenido algunas peticiones muy particulares de nuestros clientes, desde la más escandalosa a las más comunes y cotidianas. Nos gusta pensar que esta valiosa experiencia nos ayuda a proporcionar una gama inagotable de servicios, conocimiento de información privilegiada y contactos valiosos.

Así que si está buscando algo único e inolvidable, o necesita algo de inspiración por favor, seleccione una de las categorías de la izquierda para ver algunas ideas alternativas para sus vacaciones.

Contacte con nosotros a través de nuestro formulario de consulta en línea ollame por teléfono y hable con alguien de nuestro equipo multilingüe directa en el +34 971 19 78 67 Háganos saber cómo podemos ayudarle a crear una experiencia única en las Baleares.
¡Y recuerde que no hay peticiones ni demasiado comunes ni demasiado extraordinarias!
Extract from Pacha Magazine

"The Fixer"

Serena Cook's Deliciously Sorted is the concierge service and events company for the stars in Ibiza. She's a self-proclaimed "manager of expectations" on an island where guidance and insider knowledge are as essential for a fancy dinner as getting into Amnesias VIP. She writes a summer column for Tatler, is a spy for Mr and Mrs Smith, runs a sister company International Villas and organises A-list parties. When Paris needs a needs a villa and Mick Jagger wants a chef, they dial Serena's digits first. "I was somewhere at the right time and filled a niche," she modestly explains. In her tenth season of Deliciously Sorted, she draws on a wealth of global experience and a 14 year love affair with Ibiza. Some clients need the whole package, others just fancy a few extras to make their holiday complete. "Whoever comes here you want them to have a nice time, whether they're spending 2 or 2000 euros."

Her background is in the restaurant world; From the ages of 20-23 she owned Odeon in Bogota, Colombia, until fleeing the bombs to London and running Oliver Peytons' The Atlantic and Coast. She then opened a pioneering organic cafe in London with Sheherazade and Zac Goldsmith. When close pal Jade Jagger suggested a summer in Ibiza, Serena took an opportunity that started her career snowballing. While sorting sumptuous spreads she discovered her guests had a wealth of requirements from the obvious to the outlandish. Now she has chefs, drivers, beauticians, hosts, waitresses, masseurs, djs and more on her ever expanding books. She has even set up a charity the IBIZA PRESERVATION FUND to give something back to the island that has given her so much and to help preserve the Ibiza we all so love. Last Summer she put together Outstanding 100 Ibiza a coffee table tome that beautifully illustrates the best of Ibiza. Serena can deliciously sort just about anything."